Doncaster Corporation No. 112

Reg: GDT421
New: 1949
Type: Daimler CVD6
Body: Roe L27/26R

Doncaster Corporation Transport needed a small number of lowbridge double-deckers for the Edlington route, which was plagued with low railway bridges. When numbers 111 & 112 were delivered, the Daimler CVD6, with CD6 8.6 litre engine and pre-selective (spring operated gear change) transmission, was Doncaster’s standard and the two lowbridge Daimlers were part of the first large batch of buses delivered in Crimson Lake livery, with Ivory bands and Vermillion lining. They rarely strayed from the Edlington route and were sold when replaced by two lowbridge Regent III’s (numbers 135 & 136), with number 112 going to Rossie Motors, at Rossington, near Doncaster, in August 1957. The lowbridge’s on the Edlington route have long since been demolished, negating the need for lowbridge buses on this route. After withdrawal there in October 1971, number 112 went into preservation with a private owner. It was originally stored in Haxey until December 1985 when it moved to The Trolleybus Museum at Sandtoft. In January 1987 number 112 passed into the ownership of DOLRS. Restoration has never been completed because of anxiety surrounding the decayed roof sticks. As a result, number 112 remains in store despite mechanically running quite well. Occasional work is carried out on 112, and indeed the interior has been somewhat improved since its move to the Museum.

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